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     This year I have found myself thinking more and more about connections. In this ever-connected world it is easy to feel disconnected from real life, real beauty and real feelings. We can find ourselves living on autopilot, filtering everything through screens. Theater is the screen that stares right back at you. Responding to you, the audience. Audience reactions change performances, and no two are ever exactly alike. With that in mind, I’m excited and proud to present our 71st season and it promises to be one of the best!


I wasn’t sure we could possibly top our outstanding 70th season but after our play reading committee read into the wee small hours, we have selected five superb plays. Our committee reads up to 20 plays each year. As a team we pick over the plot, scrutinize the construction, visualize how it will look on the stage, make sure our volunteer crew can make the set. Can we source the props for it? Can we costume it? Can the cast perform it, and most of all, will you LOVE it?!


Our theater family work incredibly hard at providing a quality theatrical experience. We have over 100 volunteers helping us, literally thousands of hours are spent preparing for each show. It’s a labor of love for each of us. Having spent this year getting to know our patrons, listening to your comments and reading your emails, I know you love our theater as much as we do.


When you subscribe, buy a ticket or give as a sponsor, it ensures that our future continues so our children and grandchildren can come and see a real person, who speaks real words with the ability to create real emotions. The theater is a shared experience, notice how when one person laughs, it infects the person next to them or the person behind them. Notice how when there is a tender moment, you will see a husband touch his wife’s hand or exchange glances. Each one a voluntary or involuntary moment of contact. When you contribute, you are allowing these shared experiences to continue.


So when you support us today, you support us for the future.



Sylvia Marnie


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