Welcome to The Island Players
Welcome to The Island Players

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: Where is the Island Players Theater located?


A:  The Island Players Theater is located in the Old Community House on the corner of Gulf Drive and Pine Avenue in the city of Anna Maria on the North end of Anna Maria Island. 

Our Mailing Address is:


The Island Players, Inc.

PO Box 2059

Anna MariaFlorida 34216

Our Physical Address is:


The Island Players, Inc.
10009 Gulf Drive
Anna MariaFlorida 34216

Q: How many seats are in the theater?


A:  There are 137 seats, in tiered rows (stadium seating). Additionally, there are 4 chairs on the right side of the theater and 2 chairs on the "fireplace" side, giving a total seating capacity of 143.


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Q.Q. Can I bring food or a beverage into the theater?


A:  No. Food and beverages are not allowed in the theater.

Q: Can I volunteer to help with the Island Players?


A:  Yes, you can. Volunteers do virtually everything here. Among other things, the ushers, the box office people, the folks who create and paint the sets, work on costumes, run the light and sound boards, locate the props you see on stage, change them and the sets during acts and at intermission, the Stage Managers, the House Managers, and actors and actresses in the plays are all volunteers. If you would like to join in the fun, click  H_E_R_E  and send us an email.

Q: How can I audition for a part in one of your plays?


A:  A few months prior to each new season, we will post information on that season's audition schedule, along with a brief description of each of the cast, on our "Auditions" page. Other helpful information will be there as well.

Q: Who, or what, are the "Off Stage Ladies"?


A:  Off Stage Ladies was founded in 1973 to give support and aid to the Island Players Theatre. The person who showed you to your seat, worked on the costumes, in the makeup room, painted the set, possibly ran the light board or sound system, hunted for props in the play, or maybe was one of the actresses, was probably one of the Off Stage Ladies. They also serve the delicious Long Sunday meal for the cast and crew. Joining Off Stage Ladies is a great way to meet people as the group is very social. Meetings are the second Wednesday of each month, October through May, at area restaurants. Each meeting has a special program. Dues are $20 (US) per year.  


Visit them on Facebook - Off Stage Ladies.


Contact Robin "Roe" Duncan for more information about the Off Stage Ladies

at 941-932-2798.

Q: Can I get Season Tickets to all of the Plays?


A:  Yes. Season Tickets  guarantee a seat for each performance.  Our "Tickets" page will have information on Season Tickets when they are available prior to the season. his represents a savings of $15 if five performance tickets were purchased seperately.   are $100.00 (US) and

Q. Can I email the Box Office directly with ticket questions or request.

A. Yes, you can now (as of 2021) Email the boxOffice at




. Can I return or exchange my ticket?


A:  Tickets are non-refundable. You may exchange a ticket for another ticket of the same show only as long as you do it 24 hours before your ticket to be exchanged. Tickets may be exchanged for $1.00 per ticket.

Q: What is the price of the tickets?


A:  Tickets are $23 (US) per performance for our season's five primary plays. We may also have a Special Performance that runs for during artsHOP.  If we do, tickets for this Special Performance are $23 (US) and are "open" seating, meaning the seat numbers are not assigned. See our "Tickets" page for further information.

The Island Players, Inc.
10009 Gulf Drive
Anna Maria, Florida 34216

Phone: +1 941 778-5755+1 941 778-5755  


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